spruce & adorn™
not just the comfort
of custom home decor,
organize & love
on the go, in our
+ affirmation apparel

it takes a lot of magic to make
a store so huggable,
go live on the world-wide-web

• • •
established in 2018
— a (v.) to organize and love,
“learning how to organize the things
we love to collect in life,
in turn learning to collect things
that function for us.”

This extension of our
brick-and-mortar featuring
home furnishings, decor and gifts,
now offers our signature
(+) positive affirmation apparel.

designed and printed
in Pittsburgh, Pa.;
ranging from newborn
to 4XL adults sizes.

 from top to bottom : a dark wall with three tiers of shelving and various tchotchke in the first location of our special finds shop; overlayed with out logo and text spruce & adorn™, established 2018, "in the former stockroom of a restaurant" over magenta box, life styled with intention™

how the adventure began

Did you know? We launched our brick & mortar
— just 10 months pre-pandemic —
inside the former stockroom of a restaurant,
we used our superpowers, to transform into a store?

clockwise from left : text overlaying a cardboard box with blue crinkle paper over a wooden background reading curated gift giving = (heart in a box) spruce & adorn™ life styled with intention™

curated giftgiving

email us
to schedule
a virtual shopping

about our brick-and-mortar

Our brick-and-mortar store, located in the Lower Lawrenceville district in Pittsburgh, Pa., is our artist-called-to-action boutique.

We carry investment worthy
home furnishings & decor, books; crystals adorn our the presences of our mind body goods, jewelry, and our signature sensory lotion candle.

The experience in the store is dynamic + accessible in its style. We coach our customers with sustainable design solutions.

The energy in the space is reputable
to lift your inner-hippie with mindful offerings to spruce AND adorn your home + spirit.

funky urban storefront highlighter green storefront reading....

Drenched in good vibes, great intentions and functional goods, there is something for everyone to tap into your highest self and as you exit step back into the world a little more empowerment.

We are passionate about our goods-for-goods collections that bring awareness to time-relevant social impact causes.

Did we mention how fanatic we are to recommend to high vibe music?

  • our beautiful mascot, designer dog, resting her head on a soft pillow over looking a laptop with her favorite toys + bed in the background